Zion National park

By John and Will

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About Zion National Park

Zion National Park is located in Utah in the western area of the United States. Visitors at Zion will find that in the winter Zion is cold and in the summer Zion is hot. Zion has many interesting landforms and waterways like Great White Throne.This is a giant sandstone mountain that is over six thousand feet tall. Another sandstone mountain is Angels Landing. Zion has steep and rocky canyons that were formed by flash floods, erosion and rivers. People enjoy looking at Zion’s interesting rock formations.

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Audio Zion by John & Will by Deerfield School
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Formation of Zion canyon

The Zion area use to be flat. Layers of sediment and minerals became stone.

The ground shifted, mountains were formed, rivers ran down the mountain including the virgin river.

Over millions over years ago deep canyons were formed by running water and it is still eroding the canyon today. The rushing water began wearing away the layers of rock.


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Formation of Zion by John & Will by Deerfield School
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ƒun ƒåç†s

  1. Zion hås 271 different† species oƒ birds

  2. Zion has only 8 species of fish

  3. In 2011 Zion had 2,825,507 visitors.

  4. Zion canyon is 15 miles long

  5. Zion is 146,597 acres or 229 square miles

  6. Zion has 120 miles of trails

  7. The park started in 1919

  8. Zion is home to 900 different types of plants