International Space Station

Learn about how it affects our knowledge of space

Basic rundown of the space station

The International Space Station (ISS) was constructed in 1998 (by no specific scientist) and was made to provide a research laboratory. The name of the International Space Station was named so for obvious reasons. It contains Solar arrays external tussles, pressurised modules, and external trussels. Many countries who have space programs still going have some people up in it. The research goes from the Moon to the planets on the far side of out galaxy.The space station provides research for things in space that can't be done in any other way.

Some interesting facts

As of 2010 the cost is estimated to be $150 billion. The ISS is visible to the naked eye. The model is under consideration for removal. At the low altitudes at which the ISS orbits there are a variety of space debris including, spent rocket stages, defunct satellites, and explosion fragments. Which is why it might be removed. The countries participating include Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Canada Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Ireland Italy Japan Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Portugal

Russia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom and the United States. All these countries sent parts for the ISS.

More Facts about the ISS

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