Australian Museum Science Festival

Mystery Investigators Australia

The Visit

On Tuesday 20th August 2013, the two Opportunity Classes from Caringbah North Public School visited the Australian Museum for the National Science Week.

A highlight of the visit was when the students saw a show performed by the Mystery Investigators.

The Human Mind

Do you know how easily the human mind can get tricked? Well, we discovered that the human mind can be tricked unavoidedly. The mystery investigators, Richard Saunders and Ian Bryce showed us some illusions.

These investigators also asked us to be skeptic and to ask people to make a claim to prove themselves. For example, at the Museum, Richard S. showed us a ceritficate saying that he could juggle three tennis balls. We asked him to prove it, so he did. Then, he showed us a certificate stating that he could juggle five balls. Once again we denied that claim. In response he tried to prove his statement, but sadly he failed miserably.



In our opinion, we believe that the Mystery Investigators presentation was very worthwhile and enjoyable. If we were asked to come again, we would be obliged to go. The presentation was interesting but the only negative point about the show was that it should have involved all of the audience instead of just the chosen volunteers.

By Bette and Natarsha