North News

Week of 10/12/2020

Hello, this is Mrs. Webb with the weekly edition of North News.

This week our Cohort A students attend on Friday, October 16th. So they will attend Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week. Cohort B students will attend Tuesday and Thursday this week.

We are accepting names to be placed on the ballot for Local School Improvement Council. The council meets 4 times a year with the first meeting being this month. Meetings are after school hours in the evening at North Elementary. We can meet virtually or in person, social distanced. The function of the council is to encourage the involvement of parents in their child's education process, encourage advice and suggestions from the community, encourage mentorship programs and foster the use of school facilities for public activities. Please let me know if you are interested in placing your name on the ballot for the election.

There is a menu change for Tuesday. The menu will be cheeseburger, strawberry cups, baked beans, potato selection and milk.

Halloween parties

We will be celebrating Halloween at North on October 29th for cohort B and October 30 for cohort A. Students will be permitted to wear costumes to school and will be expected to wear them all day. So please choose a costume that will be practical for play, related arts and classroom assignments. We ask for students to choose costumes that are fun and silly rather then scary and spooky. Face makeup, weapons and fake blood should not be a part of the costume.

Due to Covid protocol, visitors are not permitted to attend the party.

Black and Orange Day

Students can show their Halloween spirit on Black and Orange Day! October 27th for cohort B and October 28th for cohort A!

October/ November Calendar at a Glance

October 16 Cohort A comes to school

October 23 Cohort B comes to school

October 27 Black and Orange Day - Cohort B

October 28 Black and Orange Day - Cohort A

October 29 Halloween party - Cohort B

October 30 Halloween party - Cohort A

November 3 Election Day - No School

November 6 Cohort B comes to school

November 11 Veteran's Day - no school

November 13 No School for students - Teacher professional development day

November 20 Cohort A comes to school