History of Peter Pan

By: Christopher Brown and Christian Massie


J.M Barrie is an author that was born in Scotland on May 9, 1860. He was the son of a family of weavers, and when old enough, he moved to London to pursue his dream of being a playwright. While in London, he met the Llewelyn Davies boys who inspired his work. After graduating from collage in 1882, he became a journalist and published his first novel "Better Dead." Soon after he had a string of very popular books. after this small success, he began to make plays. In 1902 Peter Pan was first introduced into novels, and two years later the play "Peter Pan" came out. After "Peter Pan," he began to write more plays, that were mainly focused on an adult audience. Lastly, he died on June 19, 1937.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan first appeared as a character in J.M Barrie's novel "The Little White Bird" in 1902. Just two years, "Peter Pan" became a play. Even though it was made a play, it was often revised. The most definite version was published in 1928. The play was frequently produced as a stage play and film, and Peter Pan was almost always played by a female. Walt Disney produced a successful animated film in 1953, and in 1955, Mary Martin appeared as Peter Pan in the musical version that was broadcast on television.