Henry James

By:Garrett Williams

Henry James Bio

Henry James was born on April 15, 1843. Some of his best writings where "The Golden Bowl" and "Washington Square." Some of his big influences where Edgar Allen Poe and Guy De Maupassant. Many writers today like Henry James and other writers like him because of how they would write. They would talk about themselves in a book but not say it is about them.

This Curse

In the poem "This Curse" Henry James talks about how you must face your fears on your terms but if you don't they will turn it into a game on there terms. As he says here, "Finally he gives in
To whatever he's done
The game still continues
But no one has fun."

What he is saying is he didn't face them in time so they came to him as if they were a curse and played a game with him. But that game was his worst fear.