Lucky's Harvest Camp

A Safe Environment For All Your Unwinding Needs!


What is Unwinding?

Unwinding is a simple and easy process that will take care of your unwanted child. We use only the finest and most professional doctors and nurses to ensure that your child will be happy and healthy through out this process.

Why should you Unwind?

There are many valuable people who need you children's organs. At Lucky's Harvest Camp we make sure that your children's organs and limb will go to only the best people who are in need of help.

What makes Lucky's Harvest Camp different from the rest?

Lucky's Harvest Camp comes with the best recreational areas for all your children's need. You can be sure that your children will be safe and happy before their unwinding!
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Here at Lucky's we only use the state of the art equipment. Our campus was built by some of the top architects in the country. Lucky's campus is not only eye appealing but it has been built for any want or need that your child desires.



Head Unwind Practitioner- Dr. Yenodal

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Dr. Yenodal is 31 years of age and the top Unwind practitioner in the country. She is highly skilled and will make sure that your child's unwinding will go smoothly and give 100% satisfaction to others in need.

Unwind Assistant- Dr. Yurdle

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Dr. Yurdle is an extremely professional assistant and will assist all of your child's needs during their unwinding. She will ensure your child's happiness and comfort in the unwinding process.

Grand Opening!

At our grand opening, we will have a banquet and an exclusive peek at our facility and a showcase of an unwinding. We will have special guests that will speak about unwinding and decide if unwinding is right for you!

So come on down to Lucky's Harvest Camp for all your unwinding needs!