Living the Life in Pocahontas Days

By: Alivia Hammer


In Pocahontas' lifetime she was more than just a girl, she was a heroic Native American Indian who changed the lives of many. This brave Indian girl had a very ordinary childhood, though it was brief. Growing up she had many brothers and sisters, and now a family of her own to take care of and love. Pocahontas had many accomplishments, but the biggest and most major accomplishment she had was saving Captain John Smith's life. Pocahontas had a very successful life full of fun,laughter,and adventure.

Just Pocahontas

Being Pocahontas was not that easy because her lifetime was short but being the kind of Indian she was, she made the best of everything possible. In Werowocomoco in 1597, a young beautiful Indian was born. Her name was Pocahontas, but she had many other names like Matoaka and Amonute that was only to be said by her family. Pocahontas had a very short life. She only lived twenty two years. On March twenty first 1617, Pocahontas died on a trip back from England. People remembered her as their Native American Princess. On April fifth 1614 , Pocahontas had married John Rolfe happily. Although their marriage together was short those four years were the most happiest years of their lives. Pocahontas had a joyful and active life.

Pocahontas' Family

Pocahontas as a child had lots and lots of brothers and sisters over thirty of them. One day Pocahontas had a family of her own to take care of and to give them anything she possibly could. Jane Rolfe was the daughter of Pocahontas and John Rolfe. She was born October 10th 1650 and twenty-six years later she died in the year of 1676. Jane Rolfe was a courageous woman. Pocahontas and John Rolfe also had a son who was younger than his sister Jane Rolfe. His name was Thomas Rolfe. Thomas Rolfe was born January 30th 1615. In 1680,he had died. Thomas Rolfe had lived a long life for seventy five years! Chief Powhatan, the father of Pocahontas was a healthy brave man and warrior who made sure everything was going the right way. His life meant a lot to Pocahontas because of all the things he provided to help out the tribe. Pocahontas' family meant a lot to her. She did anything she could do to make them happy. They were very lucky to have her.

Pocahontas' Accomplishments

Pocahontas was a great and brave Indian. She saved Captain John Smiths life, saved Jamestown and made peace between the colonists and the Powhatan tribes! This brave Native American princess was a very peaceful woman. She set peace between the colonists and the Powhatan tribes that were fighting for land. Years later,Powhatan's brother took over and didn't follow the rules of Powhatan's and killed over sixty colonists. As you know, Pocahontas was a Disney princess but in real life she really was a princess. She was known as a princess by the Powhatan tribes and the colonists. Pocahontas was "famous" for saving Captain John Smith's life. The story was that Captain John Smith was in trouble and was forced to lay down on a rock but jut then Pocahontas had saved his life. Smith was grateful for that. Pocahontas's life was full of achieved accomplishments. She took the courage in herself to do anything for anybody she was a brave person.


Pocahontas' life was full of adventure. Her childhood might of been brief but she made the best of herself and grew up to be a successful young woman. As you know, Pocahontas got married to John Rolfe and had one daughter and a son. They too grew up to be successful. Pocahontas saved Jamestown and saved the life of John Smith. I hope you learned all about Pocahontas days as you wanted to. Pocahontas was a extraordinary, great, warrior.



Pocahontas By: Nancy Polette


World book:Pocahontas

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