What makes magnets so interesting?

Properties of Magnets

  • Attract iron and materials with iron
  • Attract or repel other magnets
  • Point north when they swing freely

Magnetic Poles

  • There are two types of poles, north and south.
  • Poles that are unlike attract, poles that are alike repel.

Magnetic Force

  • A force is a push or pull that causes an object to move.
  • If you place the same poles together on a pencil, they will repel or push away from each other.

Magnetic Fields

  • Magnetic fields are the area of magnetic force around a magnet.
  • Strength is determined by the strength of a magnet.
  • Weak field = far apart
  • Strong field = close together
  • The field lines are the strongest at the poles.

Magnetic Domains

  • In magnetic material magnetic domains point in the same direction, and they make it magnetic or unmagnetic.
  • In magnetic material, all or most of the domains are pointing in the same direction.
Magnetic Poles
Ferro Fluid Tests - Magnetic Liquid

By Addisyn R. & Amanda D.