Endangered Species Project

By: Emilee Dent, 2nd Hour IB ESS

Extinct Species: Toolache Wallaby

  • species scientific name: Macropus greyi

  • Threats to the species: Introduced predators, competition from livestock, bounty and sport hunting, and direct killing for the animal's pelt have resulted in the extinction of the species.

  • Ecological role: fed on native grass

Effects on ecosystem when the species disappeared: more land for Aussies to clear without having to think they are destroying the habitat of the wallaby.
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Critically Endangered Species: Mountain Gorilla

  • species scientific name: Gorilla beringei beringei

  • Threats to the species: Habitat Loss, Disease, Humans (Poaching)

  • Ecological role: eat a lot of vegetation

Possible effects on ecosystem if the species disappeared: Natural balance in the food change would be disrupt
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Back from the brink: Manatees

  • species scientific name: richechus

  • Threats to the species: habitat loss, collisions with watercraft, the effects of red tides, entanglement with fishing lines, and harassment

  • Ecological role: Help control vegetation

  • Possible effects on ecosystem if the species disappeared: The grass and algae population will increase and the great white shark population will decrease

Methods for restoring the population: Manatee Protection Zones
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Pacific Temperate Forests

  • Description: Biggest Rain forest in the world, located on Pacific Northwest Coast of North America, from Alaska through British Columbia through the coast of Northern California.

  • Natural threats: Climate Change

  • Human threats Consequences of disturbance: Deforestation

  • Methods for ecological restoration: No one knows exactly but planting more trees is a good start
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