Ms. Ryan's Report

Here is what is happening in my classes...

HOLIDAY party is Tues December 22 at 2:45pm.

Language Arts

Dec 14 - We have been working hard and will continue to identify main ideas and supporting details in non-fiction texts. We are taking our note taking skills to write summaries. We also used our skills to write an opinion essay on John Stokes, a civil rights activist (video below is one used in class). We are now reading firsthand and secondhand accounts of the life of Jackie Robinson and then Nelly Bly in order to compare the 2 versions. We are also investigating how the positive and negative events of one's life help to shape that person's identity. You can help your child be a more critical reader by asking him/her though provoking open-ended questions on books that they read.

DECEMBER reading calendar will be due on January 4th. Please encourage your child to read regularly including over the break. The deadline to meet the AR reading goal is January 15th. Congratulations to several students that already met the goal for term 2.

Trailer - Mr. Stokes' Mission


Dec 14 - We are coming to the end of the unit "Electrifying Science" that includes magnet activities along with electricity ones. In fact last week, we all created a simple circuit by assembling wires to a battery and a light bulb. There will be a final unit test on Friday, December 18th. Prior to the test, the students will be reviewing in class by creating questions and answers to make a magnet game. Once we are finished creating the games, we will play them for more practice. We will begin a new unit in science in January.

Use the words below to access the Brainpop site so your child review the unit's concepts. This website is used often in class. The link should take you to several videos. You should not have to log in if you use the link below. If you type in the site's internet address separately then you will need the login and password information.