Cross-Dressers of the Civil War

Kate Jones - January 12,2015

During the Civil War period, women dressed up as men to fight for the country, because us women were not allowed. Women started trading in their skirts and dresses for combat uniforms, the reason why they wanted to do this is ,because women did not get paid a lot back in the day. Men got paid $13.00 per month, women got paid nearly half that. This explains why the women also wanted to join. As timed progressed more women started to join and starting getting recognized. In today's society women do not have to worry about hiding that they are girls anymore, they are allowed too join.
  • "There are about of 250 documented cases of women who hid their sex to fight for the Union"
  • "Men got paid $13.00 per month"
  • "Fighting as men let the women travel,play cards and express their freedoms..."
  • "2013 the ban was lifted on women serving in combat"

Real world Appliction

This article can help women know that its okay to join any branch of the Military, because in the article showed these courageous women. Hiding their Identity's to give you the right to fight for your Country.