Fight Song Service Project

Thea Massi

Homeless Care Package

My service project was the Homeless Care Package Service. It's where we put stuff in a

bag that homeless people can use which is better than money. We specifically met after school and had about 6 station and each station had something like some food or deodorant that was gonna be in the packages. My friends at my stations & I helped by starting off the bags. We opened them & put one canned food. After everyone was done people took it home and put t I there cars. This helps others because when someone sees a homeless person they could give to them & they have some supplies. I would not do this again because a lot if people didn't put it in there car & kept them. That's why I wouldn't recommend it.

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Helping Others is Important

Helping others is really important. If you don't help others they will feel really hopeless

and feel like they can't really do anything in life. Also everyone needs help, even the successful people. Helping others makes everyone feel happy, the person being helped because they have people that care for them and it makes me feel better cause I'm impacting someone’s life. Also helping others will inspire others to so everyone is helping each other & that's always good. Helping others impacts the world because it makes it a better place and makes you feel like you have meaning in life.

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Make-A-Wish Foundation

A organization that I feel that helps others and I am most interested in is called Make-A-

Wish foundation. Make-A-Wish foundation is where they make wishes come true for people that are ill, special, or have medical problems problems(etc.). I want to be more involved because I want people that suffered to be happy. When people feel happy I feel happy and that's what this organization does make people feel more happy.

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