Agression Addiction

By Kyle Jalbert

Why did I choose this topic?

I chose this topic simply because it caught my eye and thought it would be interesting to research. I thought it was strange why someone would be addicted to aggression and to see what it does to them.


Stories, myths, and religious beliefs show the role that anger has played in human affairs since the beginning of recorded history. Philosophies of human nature and search of perfection in behavior have struggled to determine the essentials of anger.

Biology behind this Agression

The brain can effect aggression...

  • Certain brain areas when stimulated, can increase aggressive behavior
  • The amygdala in humans is the brain structure which has been linked to aggressive behavior

Aggressive behavior is also genetically influenced...

  • Blood chemistry can contribute to aggressive behavior
  • Alcohol can contribute to aggressive behavior by decreasing self-awareness, and also decreasing the ability to perceive an outcome of an action
  • Low blood sugar levels can boost aggressiveness

Treatments available

  • Environmental Interventions
  • Behavioral Aproaches
  • Medications
  • Conventional Antipsychotics
  • Olanzapine


  • 5% of people regularly lose our temper at work
  • 64% of People working in an office have had office rage
  • 38% of men are unhappy at work
  • 27% of nurses have been attacked at work
  • Up to 60% of all absences from work are caused by stress
  • 33% of People are not on speaking terms with their neighbors
  • 1 in 20 of people has had a fight with the person living next door
  • More than 80% of drivers say they have been involved in road rage incidents
  • 25% have committed an act of road rage themselves
  • 71% of internet users admit to having suffered net rage
  • 50% of people have reacted to computer problems by hitting their computer
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Impacts of being addicted to Agression

Aggression can impact a persons life in many ways, it can effect their relationships with other people and their reactions to what other people do. Agression can raise a persons blood pressure and enxiety levels which is not good for their health.