Lineville Technology Class

By: Ashlyn Doelger


ITrailer was a project that she assigned to us where we had to create a trailer for a movie about a fun moments that have happened in our past. You could have chosen to do it on a fun vacation, your favorite sport, or really anything that you enjoy to do. You could also add pictures of the event/events into the trailer to make it more original, creative, and more fun to watch. It was also suppose to be something that would teach other people a little more about you.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything was an assignment that she gave to us to solve a math problem of our choice. In the process of us doing this, it taught me how to use the app. We were suppose to record our voice solving the problem, we were suppose to include the actual problem on the screen being solved, and we were suppose to include pictures to give it a more visual image. By having to do all of this, it taught me how to use the app.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck was a program where we had to create a presentation on our dream job. We had to include why you wanted to do it, how you would get there, how much money it pays, how many job openings there are, and anything else you wanted to put on it. After we were done putting it together, we had to present it to the class. That way the class would get to know a little more about you, and you got to know a little bit more about your classmates.


In the coding unit, we used a program powered through The program was meant to teach kids how to code. When we would finish a short task, a short video would sometimes appear to teach us how to do something new. It was sometimes challenging, but it was fun trying to figure out new puzzles.

Career Locker

In the unit Career Locker, we used a website intended to help us map out our future. We took some tests so show us how we learn, and we took tests that basically was just to see what we find interesting, so it could give us a couple jobs that it thinks we might find interesting. This was the only unit in technology that Mrs. Meyers did not teach. Instead, Mrs. VandenBoogaard lead this unit.

Learn to Type

Learn to Type was a web browser that is meant to teach people how to type. There are different levels so once you pass the easier levels, you can move on to more advanced typing skills. During a level, it gives you something to type, and as soon as you start typing, it starts to record your time and accuracy. We started to use this browser last year, but only to get the feel for it. We started in the beginner course, and then this year we began in the intermediate course. After we begun, you were able to go and take off at your own pace.