Hero Cycle

Manual Camerena,Monique Giles,Sarah Halstead,Cindy Lee

The Hero's Journey

The Son of the Brahman

Siddhartha is the young and handsome son of a Brahman. He was loved by everyone. Of everyone who loved him, his best friend Govinda, loved him most. Siddhartha made his father proud by being quick in learning the Brahman's ways. He made his mother happy. All the hearts of the Brahmans' young daughters loved him. But Siddhartha knew that the love from his most valued people won't satisfy him forever. Although everyone loved him, he did not find joy and satisfaction with himself. Dreams and restless thoughts came into his mind. Siddhartha began to question the teaching of his father and his teachers; Have they taught him everything they know of already? Siddhartha wanted to reach the heavenly world, but the things he's been taught hasn't taught him how to get there. This became Siddhartha's thought and his suffer.

Siddhartha and Govinda went to practice their usual meditations and practices by the Banyan tree. They meditated until evening. Govinda called out Siddhartha's name but he didn't answer due to being lost in his own thoughts. He thought of when the Samanas had come by with blood on their shoulders. Then he spoke to Govinda, saying that tomorrow morning he is to become a Samana. Govinda was surprised but he can tell that Siddhartha wasn't kidding. He asked if his father would permit him to become a Samana, but Siddhartha said not to waste anymore words, tomorrow he will become a Samana and that should be the end of their discussion. Siddhartha walks into the chamber and he asked his father if he could become a Samana. His father was silent, then he asked not to ask again. Siddhartha waits in one position while his father left to bed. Siddhartha stood for hours in one spot, still waiting for his father to let him go. Before day came, Siddhartha's dad questions him and Siddhartha answered each. His father saw Siddhartha's knee tremble softly, but not his face, and his eyes were fixed on only one thing; And from that, he knew that his son had already left. He told his son to go become a Samana but to go now and kiss him mother good bye. Govinda joins Siddhartha in their journey to becoming a Samana.