Military Training

Scott Spelker

Signing up for the military

You might think that joining the military is easy - that you just sign up do some training and and then POOF! You're ready to fight. That is not true. making it through training is next to impossible. even signing up and passing the requirements is hard. You're probably wondering what the requirements are so i'll tell you.

You have to be an american citizen and a high school graduate. the age limits are 17-39(though at west point it is 17-22). Another thing you need is an above average S.A.T or A.C.T score. you also can't have a criminal record.

If you have all of the requirements for signing up then good job but your not done yet! Before you can even start training at a military academy or base you have to pass a lot of fitness requirements. Each branch of the military has their own requirements so I will show you them.

ARMY:timed 2 mile run,2 minutes sit ups,and 2 minutes push ups

NAVY:timed 1.5 mile run or 500 meter swim,pull ups,2 minutes curl ups,2 minutes push ups,and sit and reach flexibility test.

AIR FORCE:timed 1.5 mile run, 1 minute push ups,1 minute curl ups

MARINES:timed three mile run,2 minutes pull ups,crunches

COAST GUARD:timed 1.5 mile run,1 minute push ups,1 minute sit ups sit and reach,5 minute water tread

If you can do that too than great but if it seems hard to you than I'd stop reading this article and go to a gym.The actual training is much harder than this and also includes marksmanship (shooting),paratroopering,hard physical work,hard intellengence work,and very minimal sleep.

Navy S.E.A.L. training

The first step of navy S.E.A.L.(sea,air and land) training consists of a 500 yard timed swim,push ups , pull ups and a 4 mile run.Next is an obstacle course and a lot of swimming and very hard conditioning.The final 5 days consists of the hardest training in the military.In the five day stretch soldiers must only sleep 4 fours over a five day span!They also run a total of 400 miles!They are also moving around for an astounding 20 hours a day. only around 25% of the soldiers make it through training and become S.E.A.L.s


the army and navy of the united states are both very similar and very different. Here are some the ways they are the same and not the same.The naval academy has a long 9 week boot camp but the army has a longer 10 week boot camp.They also have different elite groups.The navy SEALS are the best in the navy they have very hard training including a 5 day span of intense training and no sleep!Army rangers are the best of the army and also have intense training including a balance beam walk 50 feet above a lake,one wrong step and your are going to plunge into the frigid water below!The navy has 2 training bases and the army has 5.Some similarities they have are that they both have are most likely thinking what ROTC is. ROTC stands for Reserve Officer Training Corps that means that if you are in ROTC you can go to a non military college but you still train and serve in the military.

Stopping terrorism

Lately there has been a lot of turmoil in the world from the attacks of 9/11 to the attacks on paris.9/11 was a series of attacks on the twin towers in New York city. It happened when commercial airliners were hijacked by terrorists and flown into the towers.A possible solution would be reporting odd things at the airport like unclaimed bags or other things.

Another problem has been terrorist attacks at large events especially the attacks at a concert in France last November.To help prevent something like that from happening in the future countries should have better security at big events and better trained police