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Why did you choose this quote?

I chose this quote because when you read a book it creates a story and allows your imagination can go wild.

About Me and 10 things about me as a reader

Hi my name is Emilykate and I am a sixth grader at Prairie Star middle school. (1) I read a couple days every week.(2) I'm the type of reader that can not concentrate unless I'm in a quite environment.(3) Story's do not make sense to me if I read to fast and don't understand what the words mean.(4) I have to be honest reading is not my best subject in school, also I am not to big of a fan of reading.(5) To me stories can be super boring unless they have a mystery or a problem.(6) I hate love stories and sad stories they get very boring and are sometimes too sad.(7) I love to eat when I read.(8) When I have to read and I don't want too I get a towel and sunglasses and act like I'm on a beach it helps.(9) Reading helps me fall asleep even if I'm not tired. (10) I think I read better when I read to someone.

recent reading book

I have recently been reading The Cay it is a very good book it has some exciting parts and sad and scary parts. When I read this book it makes me feel like I'm there with the main characters watching it happen. I would recommend it to people who start a book and never finish it that is usually the kind of reader I am, but I actually finished The Cay,

My Favorite Books

Some of my favorite books are The Cay, 12 Finally, The Land Of Stories, and The River. Out of all of these my favorite is The River, In the River a kid has to travel up river to get a guy to a health center because he was struck by lightning during a storm.


I use the website to find books. I would use this website because it recommends books to your type of reading style. It shows all the books at the store and you can also by them online, you can place them on hold if you can not get there right that second.

Christina Aguilera Feat A Great Big World - "Say Something" with LYRICS

Music Video

This Music video relates to my reading because... when I read a sad book or a sad part in a book I always think of this song if you watch the music video everything is just sad.
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