By Anthony Horowitz

Theme one: Never give up

In the beginning of the book Alex finds out that his uncle who he was living with died in a car crash. On day Alex is coming home from school one day and he decides that he is going to ride past the salvage yard to look at his uncles car and when he is there things start to go bad and next thing he knows he is about to be crushed by a car crusher. Alex soon finds out form a spy agency that his uncle was a spy and that he died on a mission and now they want Alex to become a spy and complete the mission his uncle was on. And Alex says yes. Right away he starts boot camp. All the the way through boot camp he is tired and exhausted but he keeps fighting through it to revenge his uncle. When Alex is in Sayle Enterprises he is caught and he is tied up and beaten. He keeps fight and he gets out and makes his way to London where Sayle to kill him. While he is on his way to do this the has to dead with tons of armed guards and has to figure out how to get rid of them and throughout all of this he never gives up.

Theme two: No matter how young you are you have the ability to accomplish anything

In the beginning of the book M16 (a spy agency) has Alex become a spy for them and they send off to boot camp for two weeks. There he is surrounded by a bunch of teenagers and young adults and they all make fun of him because of how young he is and keep telling him that he can't do anything but Alex keeps on pushing and he finishes boot camp. Right before Alex leaves for him mission on of the young adults who was in boot camp with him stops him and tells him good luck and that he was surprised that he finished boot camp. Once Salye finds out that he was a spy sent by M16 he tells Alex that he doesn't know why they sent a boy to do a mans job and that he will never by able to stop him. Alex keeps fighting through to get out and he ends up killing lots of guards and Mr. Grin on his way to London to stop Salye. Alex para shoots in to London where the ceremony is being held but gets caught up in the rafters but that doesn't stop him from trying to kill Salye and finish the mission.

How these two theme relate to each other

These two themes are related because Alex never lets his age be a factor in what he can and can't do. He never gives up and he always tries his best and he never stops trying when people tell him that he was too young of not big enough to do anything.