The Prugh Crew

Week of May 13th

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Learning Objectives

Spelling Words

rain, take, three, book, call, paint, soon, food, took, cool

Word Family: -oo and -ool

Grammar: complete and meaningful sentences


We will begin our "Alice in Wonderland" unit this week.


Our writing follow our "Alice in Wonderland" reading. We will be creating recipes, writing newspaper articles, giving Alice advice, and trying to make the Cheshire Cat grin.


We will work on probability this week. Students will be able to identify situations that are certain, impossible, likely, and unlikely.

Science & Social Studies

We will continue our animal study this week by learning about the reptile, fish, amphibian, and insect classifications.


Tuesday - PTA Plucker's Night

Wednesday - Friday - Mrs. Prugh will be absent

Moby Math & iStation

Moby Math Link - 30 minutes per week

username: first and last initial

password: bluefish

iStation - 30 minutes per week

You will need to download iStation to your home computer.