English with Upcoming Seniors

El Dorado Summer School 2016

Hello! This summer, the five of us below will be teaching your student in their summer school English Language Arts class. We are very excited for the opportunity to work with your student! We will be using this online newsletter to keep you posted about class assignments, upcoming lessons, homework, and helpful resources. We will update date it for the new week by 11 AM on Monday mornings. This link may be used to view the newsletter on any device with an internet connect or data capabilities.

We look forward to getting to know your student (and hopefully you as well!) over the next few weeks. Our most important objective this summer is to equip your students to reach the highest levels of success. They are each intelligent young men and women who can accomplish great things. We look forward to helping them unpack that capability as well as helping them prove it to themselves over the next few weeks!

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to contact any of us. You may leave a comment on this newsletter for us or send us an email.

Our email addresses are:

Ms. Tatiana Hicks tatianahicks16@arkansasteachercorps.org

Ms. Kendra Ide kendraide16@arkansasteachercorps.org

Mrs. Holly Paoli hollypaoli16@arkansasteachercorps.org

Mrs. Alyson Watkins alysonwatkins16@arkansasteachercorps.org

Mrs. Cari Williams cariwilliams16@arkansasteachercorps.org

Get to Know Your Student's Summer 2016 English Teachers

Ms. Tatiana Hicks: Originally from Fayetteville, Ms. Hicks attended both the University of Memphis and UALR and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. She is currently working towards her Masters. Here's one fun fact about Ms. Hicks: she has a nine year old daughter named Ariana!

Ms. Kendra Ide: Ms. Ide was born in Michigan, but she graduated from Hendrix college this spring. Now that she has finished her degree, Ms. Ide is making Arkansas her long-term home. One fun fact about Ms. Ide is that she aspires to travel to every state in our country!

Mrs. Holly Paoli: Mrs. Paoli is from Tucson, Arizona, but she graduated from UALR. Mrs. Paoli has been married for three weeks. Here's a fun fact for Mrs. Paoli: her favorite thing to do on the weekend is watching movies!

Mrs. Alyson Watkins: Originally from Oklahoma, Mrs. Watkins has lived in Arkansas off and on for the past eleven years. She is very excited to make it her and her husband's permanent home. She graduated with her Bachelors degrees from Ouachita Baptist University and recently finished her Masters degree. A fun fact about Mrs. Watkins is that her favorite summer snack is a sno-cone!

Mrs. Cari Williams: Mrs. Williams is from Georgia, but she has lived in many places since then! Her husband, their two children, and herself have made their home in Jacksonville. She graduated from UALR with a degree in Art. One fun fact about Mrs. Williams is that she loves creating costumes inspired by TV and movies.


This Week's Topics

These may change depending on class needs and pace.

Monday - Memorial Day (No Class)

Tuesday - Class Introductions, Genre of Memoir, Historical Context for A Long Way Gone (ALWG), ALWG Introduction

Wednesday - Rhetorical Devices, ALWG Prologue through Chapter 4

Thursday - Context for ALWG continued, Using Multiple Sources for Writing, ALWG Chapter 5 through Chapter 8

Friday - No Class!

Upcoming Homework

Homework should be completed before the class period listed.

This list shows when the homework will be due (not assigned).

Tuesday (5/31) - ALWG Chapters 1-4

Helpful Resources

As we work with your student this summer, we want to make sure to keep you informed! We will be using this section of the newsletter to post links, definitions, etc. that may be helpful to you.

A Long Way Gone Summary: http://tinyurl.com/ALWGsummary

Ishmael Beah (ALWG's author) Interview: http://tinyurl.com/BeahVideo

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