Meridianville Middle News

Created by: Mary Hughes

Hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break!

Scholastic Book Fair in MVMS Library

April 10-18 MVMS Library will have the Scholastic Book Fair.

Students will be allowed to come to the Book Fair with their Language Arts class.

Needed items for Tech Ed Class

  • We need some tennis balls to go on our chairs. Now I know that sounds a little weird! Let me explain! My lab is 15 years old and we do not have the rolling, adjustable chairs. So with 150 kids a day sliding in and out, the chairs will mark up the floor. Thus, we keep tennis balls on the chairs so that it is easier to slide and no marks are left on the floor. So we now have chairs that have no tennis balls on them...they wear out over time. If you would like to donate new or used tennis ball, my students would greatly appreciate your help!
  • Also, we need disinfectant wipes to clean the keyboards, mice, and counter tops. I can't tell you how many disinfectant wipes we go through a week. We try to keep things clean and not spread germs. If you would like to donate disinfectant wipes, my students and I would appreciate that as well.

Athletic Physicals for Students

All students are required to have a current athletic physical on file in order to try out for any sport. Huntsville Hospital Sports Center will be conducting physicals at MVMS on Monday, April 28th from 5:00-7:00pm, and at HGHS on Monday, May 5th from 4:30-6:30 (or whenever finished). The cost at both will be $10, and a copy at HGHS will be provided for parents. Please note that physicals signed by a chiropractor, RN, or LPN will no longer be accepted by AHSAA. All physicals must be signed by a MD or DO (orthopedic doctor).

ACT Aspire Testing April 28 through May 1


Students will be taking a new form of assessment for the State of Alabama. This assessment is ACT Aspire. The testing days are as follows:

April 28th: Reading (60 minute test)

April 29th: Mathematics (60 minute test for 7th graders)

May 1st: Science for 7th graders this test will be the Alabama Science Assessment (70 minutes)

It is very important that our students be present each day to take their tests.


Soccer on Monday