English 9 TKAM Ch. 13-14 ?'s

Thurs. 12/5/14

Chapter 13

1. To help Scout grow up by providing female influence. Shocked at first, then outraged.

2. Heredity. He said, by her definition, that the Ewells are Fine Folks.

3. That everyone who had lived side by side for years were utterly predictable to one another.

4. She wants them to "live up to their name". No.

5. She said that Atticus was not acting like himself.

6. He tells them to forget anything having to do with "what a Finch is supposed to do."

Chapter 14

1. People are treating them poorly because they're the children of Atticus. They're basically saying that the Finch's can do anything because the county doesn't seem to care anymore.

2. He described it as "carnal knowledge of a female by force and without consent."

3. She felt like she was in a mental asylum. Imagery.

4. Fire her. He states that he couldn't of gotten along all these years if it weren't for her.

5. Not to antagonize her. She gets angry at him trying to tell her what to do.

6. Dill

7. Calls for Atticus about a "confidential matter". He says he had to tell him. Children are more likely to keep big events a secret than teens or adults.

8. He dislikes his stepfather. His mom and stepdad get along well without him and are always ignoring him or never home.

9. Dill coming back. She asks him why he runs away and he says it's because this folks don't care for him.