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The FSEB Changes What it Takes to be Human

The FSEB has been discussing this situation for quite a period of time, and the laws have dramatically changed. The Federal Science Ethnics Board (FSEB), has decided that in order to be considered human, you must be made up of 15% actual human. Scientists and doctors have done several laboratory tests, and it was proven that it does take the most important 15% to be human.
Jeremy Covack, a scientist and doctor at the Las Colinas Medical Center, helped a girl who was in a serious car accident and in critical condition. Vanessa Tanner lost consciousness, and was put on life support for a month. The accident caused her to lose her arms, legs, and even have some organ damage. Judges and the FSEB, has be feuding over this incident. The two opposing sides argued over how long a person should be put on life support, and what percent can doctors and scientists replace a person, and how much must be actual human? Many doctors and nurses tried to convince the Vanessa's parents to take her off life support, but they refused. After another week, the girl began regaining her consciousness, but couldn't remember anything, or do anything without the help of her parents. They replaced her with more than 85% prosthetic, her skin is lab skin, and her organs were replaced. Doctor Covack nursed her back to health, and she is back in school.
Now, if put on life support, the limit is 25 days. If the limit exceeds the charges will be put on the patient, and the patient will be taken off life support that day after. For any patients who cannot afford to be put on life support, or can't pay the price for any operations. They have free medical care, under the circumstances of paying higher taxes. These new laws will effectively change the economy, hoping to make this nation better.

Jenna Fox

5 Day Weather Forecast

Monday- There will be a high of 85 degrees and a low of 65 degrees, with some sunny skies. Looks like there could be a 15% chance of precipitation.
Tuesday- Again, clear sunny skies with a high of 87 degrees and a low of 60 degrees. Also seems to have a 70% chance of precipitation tomorrow.
Wednesday- Get your umbrella's because there will be a slight thunder storm heading your way. No sunshine, but a high of 86 degrees and a surprising low of 72 degrees.
Thursday- Another day of rain and cloudiness, but a high of 88 degrees, and a low of 72 degrees.
Friday- Looks like the weekends will clear up, but still precipitation, a high of 87 degrees, and temperatures will drop to 65 degrees as the low.

Exclusive Interview with Jenna Fox, a Girl who Survived a Brutal Accident

CD: How did you feel when you found out that your parents replaced you with 90% biogel?
Jenna: "I was horrified, maybe even afraid. I was shocked that my parents didn't tell me what happened, and I had to figure it out myself. I just had to face the true facts, that I am not 100% human."

CD: Did you ever find something suspicious or sneaky about Dane?
Jenna: "I did, I felt that he was actually kind of creepy. He some how peers out of nowhere after I hangout with Ethan. There was always a strange and awkward feeling that trickled through me as Dane snooped around."

CD: How did you feel about the accident, did you feel like you caused it, or was it coincidence?
Jenna: "At first I blamed myself for the whole accident, I thought it was all my fault for killing my best friends. My mom kept saying that it wasn't all my fault, and I shouldn't be all hard on myself, but I knew it was all because of me. Now, I hope that they forgive me, and their watching over me up in the big blue sky."

What was the relationship with you and Ethan? How did you guys get so close?
Jenna: "Ethan and I were very close friends, he would always take me home from school, and drive me around. I would say that there was always a feeling that he was protecting me, that made me like him even more. He was the first to know my troubling secret, and my true love. I still miss him."

Why did you decide to destroy the backups?
Jenna: "I felt that it was really wrong to keep information and memories inside a computer and trapped forever. So as a step of forgiveness, I decided that destroying the backups would have Kara and Locke forgive me, so that I didn't feel so guilty for killing my best friends.

How did you feel after waking up from a yearlong coma?
Jenna: "I felt lost, empty, even kind of foreign. I wasn't the same Jenna that I remember I used to be. I felt unimportant, imagine waking up from a yearlong coma, and no one sent a single balloon, bouquet of flowers, stuffed animal, or even a card. I felt like I had absolutely no friends at all, I was lonely."

Who was Mr. Bender? What was your relationship with him?
"Mr. Bender was a neighbor, my first friend, and quite the artist. Mr. Bender had some deep dark secrets that he told me. He shocked me when he decided to replace someone after their death. He became Clayton Bender, after the real died. So I do find him as a close friend who I shared interest in."

At any part of your second life, did you regret anything?
Jenna: "I don't think that I regretted anything. I might have been afraid, and change the idea about something, but never have I ever regretted doing anything in my life. Not even the accident, I am quite thankful, and more appreciative because of the accident. Now I live my life in only memories and thoughts of the people who loved me."

Who was Allys? What was your relationship with her?
Jenna: "Allys was one of my best friends. She always stood up for me, and had such a great attitude. Allys suffered through so much, she lost all of her arms and legs through a severe bacterial infection. With all of that she also had some organ damage. I got really worried when Allys left school, and didn't come back for days. So Ethan and I, drove all the way to her house to go check on her. All of her organs were shutting down, causing her to slowly die. I couldn't stand to bare, so my parents helped Allys by replacing her with biogel, and now she is as healthy as could be. We both live in Mr. Benders formal house, and we're like peanut butter and jelly!"

Did you consider yourself as a human, or did you fell like an alien?
Jenna: "I felt that I was different than all the others. When I figured out that I was made up of more than 90% biogel, I was flabbergasted. I felt like a monster, my hands, feet, legs, arms, and even my heart was artificial. I would say than I was mostly human, because I still have my 10%, which is the most important 10% needed for me to be even alive. So in a certain way, I am considered human."