Jack the Ripper

by Baylee Utterback

Who, What, When, Where, Why

This serial killer officially named "Jack the Ripper" killed strings of prostitutes in Whitechapel, London. The murders all took place throughout 1888, and no one knew who was doing it. These were gruesome killings that were unexplained, and ended up being unsolved. To this day no one officially caught jack the ripper and or know why he was brutally murdering prostitutes.

perspective 1

The first view on the serial killer was obviously that he was just a terrible murderer. He would slay these young women, and gruesomely rip there bodies apart. The media was very descriptive about the killings; people began to believe he was some sort of doctor because the way he would surgically cut them apart. People were disgusted and wanted to find out who this killer was and have him hung. People were also scared for their lives. Since no one knew who he was people were being extra careful on the streets seeing that he could be standing right next to you. People were filled with hate and scared for their lives.

perspective 2

Once people began hearing more and more about this man some opinions changed. People realized that he was only killing prostitutes, which at the time were the low people in society. So some people actually began supporting him because he was "wiping out the scum of society". Some also supported him as a doctor. They viewed his cases like medical discoveries. After people realized he was just killing prostitutes some supported him as a movement; doctors also supported his killings as medical discoveries.

media bias explained

Some people did truly believe he was doing some good but the papers didn't really support that. They described him as a psychopathic serial killer, which I fully agree with. Although he was killing the low life's of the time period he was still murdering people! I think I believe the media, that he really was insane and was killing for absolutely no reason. Although no one will ever no because no one was ever caught or proven guilty.