1850 - 1880

What was life like for Indigenous people living on missions and reserves?

How was their way of living affected?

The Koorie People's aged culture and way of living was affected when the British arrived. The colonists took over large areas of land for farming. Their actions brought the Koorie people to the brink of death as all natural resources that they relied heavily on were taken away. The Koorie people weren't going to let these new arrivals take over the land they had nurtured for tens of thousands of years. They fought with the British over land and small fights soon turned into wars and even massacres. As expected the Koorie people were defeated as they were confronted with stronger, more powerful weaponry.

Stephanie Trinca

How were they treated?

When the white settlers came, the Aborigines were dispossessed of their land and were, "encouraged" onto reserves, supposedly for their protection. They were forced off their traditional hunting grounds, and certainly herded away from the fertile coastal areas where there was plenty of food. White settlers wrecked the very effective native fishing traps, cleared native habitats and reduce the native food supplies, as well as polluting their water. Massacres of the indigenous people occurred on a regular basis.

The Europeans also introduced foods and diseases, which were unknown to the native community. All of which were perfectly harmless to the white settlers.

Stephanie Farag

Below: A group of children from the ages of 3-5 who have been separated from their parents.


- forced confinement

- new religions

- separation and removal of their children

- breakdown of tradition values

- banned use of their traditional languages