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August 16, 1922 $0.02

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Today Billionaire Gatsby was reported shot in the back at his mansion. When police arrived they found another body that looked like a suicide, He was later identified as Wilson whose wife Myrtle was earlier hit by Gatsby's vehicle. Police believe that Wilson shot Gatsby as revenge for the death of his wife then turned and killed himself.

When police arrived at Myrtle's crime scene they found blood everywhere. After looking at the debri they found Myrtle laying on her back with her chest sliced open and her face cut up from the windshield.

Police assume that Gatsby was having a affair with the Ms. Myrtle. Then decided that he was done and wanted to tie up his loose ends. Police still haven't found where Mr. Gatsby has his car hidden but is looking into it. Gatsby was from a very poor family in North Dakota.

Gatsby was a very hard worker but he became friends with the wrong people which made the work easier and got him rich. Police interviewed some of his know friends, First up was Nick his neighbor claimed that Gatsby had done nothing wrong and was a good honest man. Second was Daisy but she would not respond to the questions.

Gatsby's Hidden Wealth is Uncovered

After a closer investigation of Gatsby's wealth police have found that he has been in the occupation of distributing illegal beverages in his Drug stores around the city. One of his known accomplices was Meyer Wolfsheim who was a known gangster.

The new look For Women

New designs for women fashion. Different styles the symbol of the modern woman is becoming the cigarette. A woman’s cigarette is elongated and sexy.And new fragrances for females to appeal more to males with different hair styles and shorter dresses.

Gangsters and Flappers Running Wild

Police have discovered that Meyer Wolfsheim Fixed the Baseball World Series by paying the blacksocks to lose on purpose. He has also inspired others to join him in his gambling activities. Nightclubs gave Women a way to expose their desires to be more open about sexuality with new and more revealing dresses and drinking alcohol like a man.


Golf the new fun sport that the whole family can play and enjoy together. Jordan Baker a professional Golfer makes it look easy. Children can spend the whole day outside playing non-stop.