Joel's Portfolio

8th hour

All About Me

I was born in the Netherlands on December 10th 2001. I have two siblings named Ethan, 20, and Naomi, 19. They are both in college so I am home alone with my mom and my dad. I enjoy playing sports such as football and basketball. I usually get excellent grades in school and am involved in the gifted and talented program. I hope to go to a nice college and get a degree. I have not yet decided what I want to do with my life but I plan to have a wife and kids. I travel often and enjoy moving around. So far I have been to three continents and 7 countries. I speak two languages and have many relatives in the Netherlands. I enjoy having a bit of an exotic life and being different.

Self Esteem

I have a fairly high self esteem of 80 out of 100. I was not surprised by these results. I think that this correlates with my self esteem because I think pretty highly of myself. I am smart and athletic and don't tell me otherwise. This self esteem means that I think of myself as I am and I don't often get down and out because someone made fun of you. I try to maintain this self esteem and go far in life.
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I expected to have a good attitude and the test that I took to show that I have a positive outlook on life. Normally if something bad happens it is probably by chance and I still have what it takes to succeed. The results of the test were that I have a positive attitude. I don't take things very personal and I don't let setbacks bring me down. A positive thinker has an optimistic outlook on life and sees the best in things. I will try to maintain this positive attitude and keep a nice and bright outlook on life.
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Career Aptitude

I expected the results of my career aptitude test to say that I should become an engineer or maybe even a business man. Instead most of the results of the test were related to health. There were a few oddballs like being a mathematician or a geoscientist but for the most part it was some type of doctor. I guess I would be a good doctor. I have good social skills and I am smart but It is not what I had envisioned. After high school I plan to go to college and pursue the career of my dreams.
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Learning Style

I really didn't know what learning style to expect when I took the test but I feel that this one fits me well. I am a tactile learner. A tactile learner is someone that learns with hands on activities, basically touching and doing. They this way rather than though hearing (auditory) or seeing (visual). As a tactile I enjoy experiments and physical movement. I can remember things better if something active is involved.
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Brain Orientation

I am right brained. A right brained person involves creativity, intuition and curiosity. A left brained person involves rationality, strategy and logic. I didn't expect to be a right brained person because I think that I am a rational and logical thinker. I would expect to be a left brained thinker. The results of my test mean that I am creative and use images and like fantasy.
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Personality Color

My personality color is green. A person with a green personality color is full of life and love. They love the outdoors and are natural optimists. They are full of wanderlust. I think that this is accurate. I love the outdoors and am an optimist.
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Carrer Intrests

My top Career results are:

  • Construction
  • Maintenance, Installation, and Repair
  • Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations
  • Food Products and Processing Systems
  • Transportation Operations

These results did not really match any of my interests.

The career clusters that they are in include:

  • Architecture & Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Business, Management, Administration
  • Agriculture, Foods, & Natural Resources
  • Transportation, Logistics, & Distribution

Some job titles that fall into the top job categories are construction workers or job site managers. The description of the cluster that my top job is in includes designing, building, and constructing objects or buildings.

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Skills Confidence

My top five results for my skills confidence are:

  • Design/Pre-construction
  • Audio and Video Technology and Film
  • Manufacturing Production Process Development
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Environmental Service Systems

Some of these results match my interests. The job that most suits me most out of these jobs is a job involving engineering and technology. A person that works in design/preconstruction might inspect construction sites and direct and supervise construction work. The median wage for a person in that profession in Arkansas is 70,390.The median wage for the country is 79,340.

The outlook for this job is a 20% increasment of employment.

In another job I would plan and direct activities for construction and maintenance of structures and help conceptualize projects and oversee organization. The median wage for a person of that profession is 65,180. Nationally it is 82,790. The outlook for this profession is a16% increasement in employment.

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