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August 24th, 2020

Happy Monday Eaton families,

Our staff photo below looks a bit different this year, but we are still all smiles because we're thinking about the day that we get to reunite with our Olympians in person!
For now, our virtual sessions on Zoom and Google Meet will have to do, but fortunately, we are amazed at the level of participation in these sessions each day!
We miss you all terribly but love seeing the quality of work being completed on SeeSaw and Google Classroom, so keep it up!

~Your Eaton Teachers & Staff

Olympian Staff 2020-2021

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i-Ready Assessments

This year, since students are learning remotely under plan C, students will also be completing their beginning of year reading and math assessments remotely using a program called i-Ready. This diagnostic tool will provide us with valuable information about your child's current standing in both reading and math, so it is important that your child complete these assessments independently. The window for these assessments opens next week for all students in grades K-5. At Eaton, we will spend the first week on reading (August 31-September 4), and the second week on math (September 8-11). Your child's teacher is spending time this week preparing them for what the test will look like, but we also wanted to share some resources with you all so that you are well-informed, and can prepare your child for next week. See the links and resources below:

Family Guidance Document:

Family Center:

Additionally, the graphic below outlines what your at-home testing sessions should look like, as well as other tips for setting your child up for success:

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Virtual Office Hours with Nurse Tammy

Beginning this week, Nurse Tammy will be starting her Virtual Office Hours! In an effort to help families navigate medical needs while our students are not in the building, she will be offering a chance to chat via Zoom on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00-12:00. Use this link to join the session:

No appointments are needed, and this is completely optional. For your convenience, the Zoom link will remain the same each week. Once you click the link, it will place you in the waiting room, and Nurse Tammy will let you in the Zoom session one at a time so you can have a confidential conversation. Please feel free to utilize this option if she can help you in any way. She is also at school most days 7am-3pm, and can be reached via phone at 397-1544 ext. 71711 or email at Her web page on the school web site is also a great resource, so check it out if you haven't already.

Additionally, wearing masks is such a foreign concept to so many of us. As teachers and staff, we have been practicing this new safety procedure for several weeks. Hoping we will have in person instruction soon, she encourages all parents to help their children practice this new procedure. Consider not only wearing a mask when you are out in the community but even when you are in your home, starting with small increments of time and slowly increasing it so when your child returns to school, wearing a mask for 6 hours or more will not be a foreign task. Thank you!

Interim Reports

This week, the NHCS year-round calendar requires that interim reports be sent home, and these will now be sent home on Friday, August 28th. Since we are all learning remotely under plan C rather than face-to-face, we will be emailing these reports home on Friday. As you receive these reports, keep in mind that we spent the first week of school (August 6th-13th) focusing on making connections with students, building relationships, and social/emotional learning. This means there will likely not be very many grades and new information at this time. Teachers will continue to update grades in PowerSchool (3rd-5th) and keep you well-informed about your child's progress, particularly after we complete i-Ready beginning of year diagnostic assessments over the first two weeks of September.

From Your Itinerant Teachers:

  • While we are learning remotely, all Eaton students are following the same itinerant schedule each week:
    Monday: Music
    Tuesday: IT
    Wednesday: Art
    Thursday: PE
    Friday: ENC Posted/Catch-Up on the week
  • Lessons are posted each day, so there is a new assignment to complete each week, which students are provided feedback on.
  • Just a reminder, students receive an S, N, or U from their Art, Music, & PE teachers at the end of each grading period. All three teachers are using the same rubric, which you can access by clicking here. If your child still hasn't completed any of the assignments given in the first two weeks, these can still be done at any time during the quarter.
  • In Google Classroom (4th/5th), please make sure assignments, comments, and videos are "Turned In" to be graded so that students received a grade/feedback.
    Student Help Center:
    This has a direct phone number for students to get assistance with SeeSaw, Google Classroom, laptops, Google Apps/Email, etc.
    Student/Parent Digital Tutorials:
    Class Project Information (partnership with NHC Public Library):

Other Info & Reminders

  • Don't forget to drop your green enrollment sheet off in the drop box at the school if you have not turned yours in yet. These are due as soon as possible. If you aren't sure whether yours has been returned or not, reach out to your child's teacher and he/she will let you know.

  • Remember to sign up to join PTA! The link to sign up for our school can be accessed here:
    PTA Email:
    PTA Website:

  • Don't forget about the NHCS Curbside Meal service! Right now any child 18 years old and younger can eat for free at almost any school. Parents, guardians, and/or students are encouraged to walk up or drive up to any school and get a meal! Please see the attached flyer:

Important Upcoming Dates

Friday, August 28th:

  • Interim Reports emailed home
NHCS Frequently Asked Questions (english)

This document was created by the district to answer Frequently Asked Questions.

NHCS Frequently Asked Questions (spanish)

This is the same document as above in spanish.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!

We are starting to pop in on synchronous Zooms and Google Meets, and we are loving seeing the kids more. We encourage you to continue attending these live sessions with your teacher as frequently as possible!

Be sure to follow our school on Facebook and Twitter for continued updates!

Heather Byers, Principal (

Brent Hall, Assistant Principal (

Our School's Why:

School Mission:

To create an inclusive culture through modeling and collaboration that challenges student thinking in new and innovative ways.

School Vision:

We are creating a nurturing school community that prepares the whole child to be a problem solver, critical thinker, and empathetic global citizen.

Core Values:

Empowerment, Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Celebration