Beliefs,Language,sports and food& farming


Brazilians main language is Portuguese.The Brazilian language has changed over time which now includes Portuguese. This is so Mexicans could also understand the language which is why it is referred to as "Brazil/Portuguese"


Brazil's 2 main sports are "Capoeira" and " Soccer (Pronounced as cup-a- weir-a). Capoeira is one of the most popular froms of martial arts in Brazil. Soccer is also a suitable game for Brazil, because Brazil hosted the Fifa world cup in 2014 but there alot more sports that Brazil is known for.
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All buyers & sellers should know that Brazil is the largest exporter of coffee,soybeans,beef,sugar cane,ethanol and frozen chicken around the world. In the Southern Parts of Brazil there is farm that makes two-thirds of the country. When it rains over there at the farm it is leveled correctly so that the plants could be fed. Over those areas around Brazil has more advanced farming technology, which makes the food grown, more expensive.
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