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Will Mr.Trump is going to make taxation a lot easier and he will make more people become rich without have taxes drag you down and Mr.Trump is also going to grow the economy and to back were it was before the stock market crashed.

And the saying that says Let's make a America great again

So more about the taxation in America it is a lot but if Mr. Trump is our president we can really be rich or have more money than we have had before and and Mr. Trump is also going to refine the Middle Class and so they can get more money after wages are due and he is going to grow back America's economy and there less people in poverty and more people in homes.
These are some frequently asked questions about should we have Mr.Trump as our president well I say yes if you are reading this I think that you may say yes also should we have him as our person of the United States of an American
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Here is what he says about A nation

Mr. Trump said this "a nation without border is not a nation"

Mr. Trump said this " A nation without laws is not a nation"

Mr. Trump said this " A nation were they do not serve their leader is not a nation"

All of these thing that Mr.Trump is saying is true and not fales some people may think that he is wrong but he is you need all of these thing to be a start abell nation where you can live in peace but there always be peace in the world so we should at least tyre to make some peace in the world it takes one man to change the world but it takes more to change the lives

What is Mr. Trump planing next

But the Workers first

So what the told of agreements that are not unemployed. is 40% of black teenagers are unemployed

Then there are around 30% of all Hispanic teenagers are not unemployed.

Trump planes

So what Mr. Trump thinks about hiring American workers first for a job is not good but if do have a job where you are only hiring American workers first you must have a permit to do so that it says that you have the right to hire American workers first before any other races of workers.

Tax Planes

So Mr. Trump dose not want any loopholes where you can never become rich because of taxes were that will bring you down and that by taxes.

And now taxes will not be added to your debt and that will save you a lot of money in your live


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