Mars- The Red planet

By: Nikita

Some Basic Information

  • Mars is called the Red planet
  • it is the fourth planet furthest away from the sun
  • Mars has its own two moons
  • Is the second smallest planet in our solar system
  • Mars is almost half of earth's size
  • One day on Mars is a bit more than 24 hours

Mars and its moons

Mars is surface

  • with the iron minerals and rust the dusty atmosphere looks red
  • is a desert planet with a rocky body
  • Largest active volcano in the solar system
  • has a cold temperature and thin atmosphere that is mostly made of Co2
  • has many craters and volcanoes
  • there are several river canals on the surface

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differences and similarities between Mars and Earth

  • Earth is half times bigger than earth
  • Earth is only planet that can support human life
  • both are planets
  • both have layers

Mars Rovers

  • NASA two rovers that explore Mar's history, climate and weather at different places on mars to study and see if there is a potential for life there
  • spirit and opportunity are the rovers names
  • The both came back and helped a lot for studies
  • the are both designed and working properly
  • They have scientific instruments with them
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Life on Mars

Mars can actually support human life, though it is missing one main need for life. Water.

Facts to Know

-228 million kilometers away fem the sun

-over 40 flybys, rovers, and orbiters have touched its surface

-over 3.5 billion ago there are traces that there might have been a huge flood on Mars

- the first successful mars mission was Mariner 4 in 1965

-in Martian time 687 earth days equal one year

- one day in Mars is a little longer than 24 hours

-1971 was by first spacecraft to actually explore Mars