Registration Opens February 23rd

The Heights Child Development Center

We Look Forward to Meeting You!

Registration for The Heights Child Development Center will open to the community on Tuesday, February 23rd at 9:00 a.m. on a first-come, first-served basis. Upon arrival, you will sign in at our desk in order for us to keep track of the order in which you will be served.

It is not necessary to arrive extremely early or camp out at our location. In fact, it is highly discouraged. The doors to our facility open at 8:00 a.m. for our early care children, so that will be plenty early for you to begin signing in. We understand the anxiety that can come with trying to get your child into a quality preschool program, and we look forward to assisting you in any way that we can on this journey!

Where Do I Go?

The CDC is located on the "back" side of the building, away from US 75. You will enter off of Renner Road and look for the overhang by the smaller playground and park in this parking lot. This is marked as the "Colonnade" entrance. The entrance to our school can be found by walking up the long sidewalk by the playground and entering the doors. There are two sets of doors at this entrance. The first set of doors is always unlocked, and the second set will unlock at 8:00 a.m.

Once you enter the building, you will go to your right and enter our reception area through the first set of double doors on your right. Once you sign in, you may wait anywhere in this area.

Pre-Registration for Our Online Wait List

In order to assist us in the registration process, we ask that all interested families please pre-register your child in our online wait list. You can access this by clicking here. This will also assist us in seeing what the needs are for our interested families in order for us to figure out how to best serve you. Please note that this does not in any way guarantee a spot in our program or the order in which we will fill spots. You will still need to come in to our facility in order to register your child.

In addition, there is a Registration Contract that will need to be filled out for each child you are enrolling. If you wish to do so, please feel free to download and print this file by clicking here. Paper copies will also be available in our office for you to fill out.


Do we have any space available? is a very common question that we receive. Unfortunately, it is one that is very difficult to answer. We constantly look over our class lists and rearrange based on the needs of our families. On occasion, we will make a decision to open a new class or to fill in a class where needed. It is a very tedious and difficult process in which we put a lot of thought into.

At this time, we DO have limited spots available across the ages accommodated by our school. As soon as classes fill, we form wait lists for our classes. We continuously review the needs of the families we look to serve and make changes where possible, therefore occasionally have the chance to accommodate those on the wait lists sooner than thought.

Registration Fees

Should there be a spot available for you to register your child, you will need to pay the Registration Fee at this time in order to secure the spot. All of our fees can be found on our website at by clicking on the 2016-2017 Tuition Information tab. Our Registration Fee is non-refundable and can be paid in our office by check, cash, MasterCard or VISA.

In the case that you will need to be put on a wait list, no fees will be due at this time. Fees will only need to be paid if you are contacted about an available spot in order to secure this in a timely manner.

Confirmation Packets

Confirmation packets will be sent out sometime over the summer to each of our enrolled families with all of the information regarding your child's placement for the upcoming school year. In addition, there will be paperwork that will need to be completed and turned in for the start of school. The first day of school will be Wednesday, August 31, 2016. Our school year calendar will be posted to our website as soon as it is available as well as a paper copy included in your confirmation packet.

Questions or Concerns

Please feel free to email us any time at with any questions or concerns. Don't forget to check our website at for all of the latest updated information regarding our school. We look forward to serving you!

Summer Camps

Did you know that The Heights CDC offers four different weeks of summer camp each summer? Information will be posted to our website soon regarding the dates for each week. Check it out at and click on the Summer Camps 2016 tab. Registration for camps opens on Tuesday, March 15th.