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But Not Nearly as Much as Good Teaching! * January 2020

SV = Students Valued: Part of an Initiative Telling our South Vermillion Story

A critical part of becoming a world-class Wildcat is telling our South Vermillion story. We get to see the small and big successes the overcomers, and the lasting relationships that begin in kindergarten and continue beyond the pomp and circumstance of graduation day. Day in and day out, our teachers support their students in trying new things, struggling through difficult challenges in and out of school, and reaching their goals. This is what it means to become a world-class Wildcat. It is time to share those great stories with the world. This video represents a small piece of that endeavor. This is SV. Our students are valued.
SV Students Valued Positivity Challenge

January Professional Development

Sessions for the three January PD events helped us focus on our 20/20 vision for 2020 in several ways:
  • Small group planning of the high school's Instructional Model using Marzano's 43 elements of effective teaching
  • IDOE's STEM Playbook & 6-Year Strategic Plan (presented by high school teachers Angela Dencher and Julie Lackey based on their attendance at IDOE STEM conferences)
  • January Curriculum & Instruction Check-Ups planned (now scheduling 1:1 time to meet with Curriculum Director for support in curriculum, instruction, and assessment)
  • Academic Standards Framework (worked in content area groups to review the alignment of curriculum resources, instructional strategies, and assessments with content area standards at middle school and elementary schools)
  • What's in Your BioBag? (an idea for sharing your life in books with your students)
  • 20/20 Vision for 2020 (SVHS restorative practice discussion for climate building)

A Google Form was emailed to every PD participant to seek feedback on the sessions and suggestions for future PD event topics.

ELEMENTARY FAMILIES: Please join us for our 2nd annual Community, Careers, and Title I Family Night!

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Dyslexia: Did You Know?

  • Dyslexia occurs in children with normal vision and intelligence.
  • Dyslexia commonly affects language processing, but it does not reflect an overall defect in language.
  • Dyslexia is a localized weakness in the phonologic module of the brain.
  • Most people with dyslexia use about 5 times more energy to complete mental tasks.
  • House Enrolled Act 217 requires all Indiana schools to screen for risk factors of dyslexia in grades K, 1, and 2.
  • In South Vermillion Schools, students in grade 2 are screened in the fall. Students in grade 1 are screened mid-year. Students in kindergarten are screened in the spring.

New PRIME Math Transition Course at SVHS

Thanks to a grant from the Indiana Department of Education, South Vermillion High School will have a new & improved math course on the books for the 2020-2021 school year. The PRIME Math Transition Course has been designed in collaboration with the Commission for Higher Education to prepare high school students for credit-bearing coursework at post-secondary institutions. Mrs. Teresa Carter is our PRIME Math teacher, and this course will replace the College & Career-Ready (CCR) Bridge Course. The grant also includes graduate-level mathematics coursework reimbursements applicable for satisfying the postsecondary dual credit faculty qualifications.

Becoming a World Class WILDCAT

For the 2nd semester of the 2019-2020 school year, all SV schools will focus strategically on student learning needs based on multiple data points teachers have collected from informal and informal assessments. At the midpoint of the year, we are positioned to make great gains with our students between now and high stakes testing windows in the spring and other end-of-year assessments.

In our pursuit of helping our students become world-class Wildcats, we will focus on 3 key areas to support student learning and achievement.

  • Our 5 School Improvement Plans will undergo a redesign process to include the specific roles all stakeholders play in supporting the implementation of school-based improvement goals.
  • We are increasing our robust programming for K-12 in the areas of Computer Science (see SEA 172), Employability Skills (see SEA 297), and STEM-Education (IDOE's 2018 Legislative Agenda).
  • We will continue to support effective instruction by studying best practice in high performing schools and classrooms.
  • We will structure teacher meetings in a Professional Learning Community (PLC) format in order to effectively use student performance data to inform good teaching and learning environments.

STEM-Education News

STEM Acceleration Grant

Giacoletto Foundation Grant

PLTW Professional Development Grants

submitted Digital Learning Grant

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