Singapore's Housing

Past, Present and Future

Singapore Housing in the past

The area is dirty,houses are dull. Almost all the houses there are shop houses. the shops is either beauty,food,ATM Bank,hardware or provision shops. People there are mostly friendly and nice. the food stalls there only serve a few halal food. there is Bus services and MRT for Tiong Bahru residents to move around.
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Singapore's Housing In The Present

Nowadays, the housing in Singapore is much more convenient than it used to be as there are more public transport services than there use to be. Also, there are much more facilities and amenities like convenient stores, community centers, hawker center, toilets and others.
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Singapore's Housing In The Future

In the future of Singapore's housing, there should be a court near every housing estate where most sports can be played, for example basketball, soccer, volleyball and others, and there should also be a public gym for people of all ages as people needs to keep fit both physically and mentally. Also, there should be a botanic garden near most housing estate so that people can spend quality time there and they can also cycle, jog, go for a walk to enjoy fresh air and many other activities can be done there. These are only some idea or suggestions for an improvement in housing estate in the future, and of course there can be much more different improvements to the housing estate like building a short ramp outside the doorway of handicapped people.