Bring Hunger To Light


What You Need To Bring

Bring a few of these to participate.Good deeds can go a long way.Bring at least 5 cans to participate or more if you wish.The canned foods have to be something that is easy pop off to feed those who are hungry.

Hunger Race

Wednesday, Nov. 4th, 4:45pm

1600 Tallassee Road

Athens, GA

The age required is 10 years of age or older.This race is 2 miles long.If you are not able to make these 2 miles this race is not fit for you.

When to arrive

We will be starting at 4:45 after school.Make sure you are on time.
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Help Them PLEASE!

Let's Be Glad This Is Not You.You Can Help People Like This If You Attend This Race.ItWould Mean A Lot To Them.