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This week....

Our second week has been fantastic! We are making new friends, settling into our routines, and learning fascinating things! One of the special things we learned about this week was responsibility also known as "Our Kuleana!" Kuleana is “What I have to do in my life to keep my obligations, keep my relationships and achieve my dreams.” We hope your students enjoyed our special day of learning about responsibility. Please take some time this weekend to ask your child about their Kuleana power!

Parent Updates

We're Glad You Asked.......


One of the most important things your child can do to achieve academic success is also one of the most basic: going to school every day. In fact, research has shown that your child's attendance record may be the biggest factor influencing his/her academic success!


We are now counting student tardies! Make sure your students get to school on time. We expect our students to be in their seats ready to begin the school day at 7;30 am. Our district policy is to file with the courts once a child reaches 12 tardies! Tardies can add up fast, so make sure you are getting your kiddos to school in plenty of time!

Please Help

Beginning next week we will be asking all parents who walk students to class in the mornings to walk your students to their assigned hallway and stop to say goodbye there. Students will walk to their classrooms independently. This will help add another layer of safety and help our kiddos be more responsible in their morning routines.

Morning Drop Off

REMEMBER, parents, if you park on Woodcreek Way or in the parking lot in the mornings, you are expected to walk your children to the crosswalk. It is very difficult for cars moving in and out of parking spots to see small children crossing by themselves. We don't want any of our little wolves getting hurt! Also, please remember that our parking lot is NOT a car lane for student drop off or pick up. Cars in the parking lot are expected to park and walk to the crosswalk. Thank you for your help with this.

Seen in our halls!

Coming up on the calendar!

Sept 7: No school, Labor Day

Sept 8: Watchdog kickoff, 6:45 pm

Sept 9: Breakfast with grandparents 6:45-7:20 am Join us!

Sept 11: Fundraiser kick off

Sept. 16: Volunteer Orientation, 7:30am

Sept. 18: Wolf Howl

Weekly video update #2

Weekly Video Updates!

Each week we will be sharing what we are learning in a video update! Our first couple of weeks will be getting to know Mrs. Teamann!

Have a great weekend!