May Newsletter

Baruch alpha Kappa Delta Phi

Beautiful weather, delicious barbecued food, and late summer nights are upon us! Before we embrace the much deserved break, let us reminisce the memories made and bid farewell to the month of May ^_^

Safety First!

We kicked off the month with our Fire Safety Workshop, starring our guest speaker firefighter Captain James Hodges of the FDNY. He dropped some useful knowledge on the audience about general fire safety concerns and hazards.

Did you know plugging an AC unit into an extension cord outlet is dangerous? Who knew!

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Baruch makes their way over to Stony Brook for a yummy sisterhood dinner with Stony aKDPhi!

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& All Through the Summer, The Fundraising Never Stops!

Sisters get to work for a pretty penny during Mets games at CitiField all season long (& have a blast doing it!) Get ya hot dogs here!

Killin' It at BASU!

Sisters participate in the annual Baruch Asian Student Union (BASU) Performance hosted by Baruch KPA. They put on quite a show-stopping performance, including a Thai inspired cultural dance and a medley of dances to fan favorite songs like Fetty Wap's Trap Queen, Slow Motion by Trigga Trey, and of course the infamous BBHMM track by Rihanna.

Shoutout to choreographers Julia Park & Vivienne Xue, and contributing sisters Sweenly Liu, and Sophie Gao for the fly choreo!

Watch the performance below!

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Baruch aKDPhi Takes On Convention at Chicago!!

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It's Award Season!

Kodak Moments !

Happy Birthday to our May Babies!

Last but not least, CONGRATULATIONS to our graduating sisters!

We'd like to give a special shoutout to the Class of 2015! We wish you the best in your journey through life, may you find love, happiness, and success!

  • Amy *Temptrèss* Chen
  • Jennifer *DIVINE* Wu
  • Alina *hijack* Zeng
  • Karen *LABYRINTH* Caldroney
  • Tina *Bellatrix* Li
  • Jenny *FURY* Lin
  • Sweenly *Avengelyne* Liu
  • Jane *paparazzi* Quach
  • Emily *V!per* Lu