Reason Code 4860

Credit Not Processed

What is a 4860?

AKA Credit not processed. This means that the customer was promised a credit and did not receive it or customer received a debit instead of a credit.

Proper Use examples:

  • Refund Policy not provided to customer
  • Customer states that merchant has not responded to return
  • Merchant only provided partial credit


Customer orders a wedding dress from out of the country and receives it but it doesn't fit.

Cardholder contacts merchant via e-mail with issues and merchant responds with asking for pictures of the item. Merchant states that they will refund upon return of the item. Cardholder makes the return available upon request. Merchant then does not respond or refuses return.

What we need...

Issuer must wait 15 days before charging back unless one of these three reasons happen:

1. A letter from the merchant is provided asking us to obtain credit via chargeback.

2. Proof of an improperly disclosed in store credit.

3. A TID (receipt) voided by the merchant.