Visual Diary

Kelsey Long

Photographer: Riley, Surf Magazine

I chose this image because firstly the bright and electric blue really drew me to it, I am really into surf photography as a surfer myself, and the angle and timing is amazing, What I like most about this photo is the colours, how it captured so much action and how one of a kind this shot is, and the silhouette technique is great. Surfer magazine say as the surf population of surfers get bigger images like this become more and more powerful.

Photographer: Beverly Joubert-national geographic

What drew me to this image is firstly, the bright green, also the big eyes of the lion cub caught my eye and it's just so adorable that I MUST CHOSE IT. What I like most about it is how the lion is looking directly at the camera it makes it seem like it's looking right at you. The like everything about this photo. Animal photography Is so interesting how you can get up close and personal with the animals. This little African lion cub is resting in the tall grasses of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, HOW CUTE IS IT.

Photographer: Mark Laricchia/Corbis

Firstly, I am so proud that this kind of beauty is in AUSTRALIA, OUR COUNTRY! I'm not usually as fan of dark and gloomy weather but the purple skies make it look peaceful! And the fantastic timing of the lightning striking. The purple and orange colours is definitely what drew me to it,

photographer: Michael S. Nolan

This photo is so amazing, what really drew me in is firstly the deep blue colour and also how up close and it is to the seal, and the fact that it not only got more then one seal in this photo (that tells us how seals travel in groups) it got the reef, If you look closely you can see little fishes as well, and the surface of the water, the angle is really good if I took an underwater photo I would take advice from this. If you look closely you can see little fishes as well. This photo was taken in the Galapagos islands, and this photo really makes me want to go there!

photographer: Heidi hope

First of all, how cute is this little thing omgggg. The first thing that I saw that drew me to this picture was definitely the beautiful big blue eyes! They are so bright and it's eyelashes are so long! And the eyes and the cute blue and white hat go along so well and compliment each other and give the picure a bit of colour. This fill the frame photo is a very good example of what I look for in baby pictures, out of all the types of photography, baby photography isn't my first choice but this photo just makes me want to work with cute babies like this all the time!

Photographer: HRM photography

Wow, this photo makes me want to get married early. The light shining from behind them gives it such a good affect, definitely would use that technique. The background is bright but doesn't take away from the couple, the flowers hanging from the tree are beautiful and this is just a great picture, it absolutely shows the love that they have and is a great wedding picture, same as baby photography it isn't my favourite type of photography but being able to capture people's love is an awesome job.

Photographer: Christian Fletcher

This beautiful Picture is from shark bay, even though it is a dark and gloomy it is really peaceful, the water is still calm. This rule of thirds photo drew me in mostly because of the light coming from the clouds gives it a glowing affect. It also has a rainbow if you look closely which is pretty cool and the sail boat looking all alone looks so calm and peaceful.

Photographer: Caitlin Worthington

First thing that I saw was the pastel colours. The dress that the girl is wearing is so cute and it's pretty cool how it is so dressy and bright but on such a simple location, as a car park in it looks like the middle if nowhere, everything in this photo goes together well. Loveeee it.

Photographer; Caitlin Worthington

This picture is from the same photographer as the picture before and I really like it! The hair is messy and The face is serious, but the model still looks so nice and done up and innocent, the background all blurred out looks amazing and the light coming in from behind looks very good, it makes the hair look so beautiful! The first thing I saw was the bright eye makeup and the long lashes, always a good look!

Photographer: Caitlin Worthington

Once again another Caitlin Worthington photo! I can't get enough her photo's are just so unusual! This is even the same model! I first saw the bright dress in this photo, then The dark rocks and the dark water really complimented it, and the long, white eyelashes really brought out the colour in her face. And I really like the hair how it's all messy but the model still looks innocent.