The Industrial Age

Nikki Stoltenberg

"When you expect things to happen strangely enough they do happen."

-JP Morgan

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John D. Rockefeller

Who: John D. Rockefeller lived from July 8th, 1839 to May 23, 1937.

What: He formed the Standard Oil Company.

When: It was formed in June of 1870.

Where: Ohio was where The Standard Oil Company started.

Why: He started the oil company because he wanted to earn money.

Article title: John D. Rockefeller Website: Date February 1st, 2014

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Henry Bessemer

Who: Henry Bessemer lived from January 19,1813 to March 15,1898.

What: He made steel from iron.

When: He made steel from iron in 1856.

Where: England is where he made steel from iron.

Why: He wanted to manufacture iron without fuel.

Article tittle: Henry Bessemer Website: date: January 26, 2014

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Samuel Gompers

Who: Samuel Gompers lived from january 27, 1850 to December 3, 1924.

What: Samuel founded the American Federation of Labor.

When: He founded it in 1886.

Where: The American Federation of Labor is in America and Canada.

Why: He founded it because he wanted to free unions from political alliances.

Article title: Samuel Gompers Website: date: January 21, 2014

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Central Pacific Railroad Company

Who: Theodore Judah lived from March 4, 1826 to november 2, 1863.

What: He planned the Central Pacific.

When: He planned it in 1862.

Where: The railroad went from California to Utah.

Why: It's important because it was part of the first transcontinental railroad.

Article tittle: Central Pacific Railroad Website: date January 17, 2014