Gordon Cooper

by Lucy Kelly

About Gordon Cooper


March 6, 1927, Shawnee, Oklahoma, United States


October 4, 2003, Ventura, California, United States

  • Space Mission:

  • Gemini 5, Mercury-Atlas 9

  • Books:

  • Leap of Faith, The Astronauts: Pioneers in Space

  • Early Intersts

    As a child, Gordon (or Leroy to his parents) gave an interest in Boy Scouts achieving 2nd place. Later on he loved football and track.

    He soon got into combat so he enlisted himself into the United States Marine Corps and after he graduated was assigned into the Naval Academy Preparatory School.

    Gordon's Career in NASA

    Mercury-Atlas 9

    Piloted by Gordon, Mercury-Atlas 9 was launched on May 15, 1963. The spacecraft completed 22 Earth orbits before splashing down in the Pacific Ocean.

    Gemini 5

    Gemini 5 was a 1965 manned spaceflight in NASA's Gemini Program. It was the first time an American manned space mission held the world record for duration set on August 26, 1959.

    Gordon's Books

    The Astronauts: Pioneers in Space

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    Leap of Faith

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    Gordon's Signature

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