Electronic Medical Records

By: Ashley Berryman

Electronic medical records have two sides to them, pros and cons, with people for it while others against it. I personally think it is a great idea with the world we live in today. In today's world technology is necessary in everything we do, from school, to hospitals it is used on a daily basis. It is easier with the records being electronic because you could transfer them from doctor to doctor easily without all of the hassle. Electronic records are also safer and more secure, putting your information in good hands. "Under the government guidelines, lad results must be posted in the patient portal within 96 hours of the doctor's office receiving them, whether your doctor has seen the results or not" Consumer Reports Magazines. This makes it more convenient for you, as the patient because you get results back faster and do not have to go through the trouble of calling the doctor. Also if you know the results you can act faster on the problem, if there is one, and take action quickly. Through electronic records there is also more accurate feedback with your information, labs reports, and etc. When your on the phone with someone they simply tell you the information, meaning you most likely will not remember everything, although if it was emailed to you then you could go back and look at it whenever you need to. All in all, Electronic Medical Records are a good thing, but can still have some concerning issues such as, hacking. Although this is no reason to stay away from them, most likely it will not be a problem and can be fixed easily. Electronic Medical records are a good step forward for the future.