Mary Wollstonecraft

By. Mariah Priebe 5th

As A Child

On April 27 1759in London Mary Wollstonecraft was born to Edward Jhon Wollstonecraft and Elizabeth Wollstonecraft she was the second oldest of 7 throught out her live they where forced to move to to low income from unessary money spending on farming

As she got older

when Mary was 19 her mother passed away and after that she moved to live on hear own in 1783 Mary wrote the book Thoughts on the Education of Daughters . moved to hanky but then she moved back and open a school for girls in Newington Green.
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When Mary 18 she got a poor Education

How she became famos

She became famos for writing Vindication of woman wrights and fighting for woman rights and for fighting for woman rights


Mary had 2 kids Mary Shelly and Fanny ImIly she was marred 2 and had a daughter with each marrige . After her giving birth to Mary she died 11 days later September 10 1779 opened a school for girls with her sister


Mary baleaved that every one shoud be equla

people she did not like

She did not like Edmund Richerd because her left a nasty refection on the revolution on france when she wrote Vindication of man
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Mary Wollstonecraft