come to our inquiry expo

Bethel and Isidora

wow you should come

We would epreshet it because we worked hard on our inquiry progect. At 28th of June at 2:20pm you can come only if you want to. Dont forget we worked extra hard on this and we want you to see our hard work. Please come to see our hard work on our inquiry expo. Lots of people will be their. It is about travel around Australia.

come to our inquiry expo

Thursday, June 28th 2012 at 2:15pm

Creekside Campas Victoria

Creekside, BC

Wecome to our grade 4 inquiry expo and we are looking forward to it. Have fun and don't be late.

inquiry expo

You will be welcomed to our inquiry expo. We will love it if you can come and see our work. You can come and see our inquiry expo at the grade 4 area. You can come and see your son or doughter present their hard work.