Croatan Sound

A New Way to Vaycay!

Where is it and why is it important?

Location: Dare County, North Carolina

Why are estuaries important, you ask? Estuaries are the nurseries for millions of different marine animals. They are sheltered from predators and provide enough food for everyone there! The plants such as Mangroves also act like massive filters for the water, as well as helping to prevent coastal erosion and taking the damage from large waves. Many people also enjoy using the waters for recreation such as fishing and boating.

What kinds of flora and fauna will you see?

Aside from the many little marine fishies and mangroves, there is also an abundance of different waterfowl and birds such as ibises, egrets, pelicans and herons that you may encounter on your way. There are towering pines and beaches that are only a few steps away from woods.

What are some of the waterways there?

Along with the wildlife at the Croatan sound, you can also experience multiple waterways. These would include the vast Atlantic Ocean, the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, and the Oregon Inlet.

What threats are there to worry about towards the estuary?

As with practically every natural habitat these days, there are threats to the Croatan Sound estuary. These threats would include pollution, the removal of Mangroves, dredging, global warming, and toxic substances.