Spring 2016 News

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What's happening with Spring Projects?

Testing has "bumped" our workshop classes this spring. With no time to work, we will now present our projects in the fall at the end of the first quarter.

Many students have selected their topics within the "Cincinnati by the Decades" theme and they may continue working independently over the summer.

We'll take our Cincinnati tour field trips in the fall, too. Watch for information to come so you can join us.

Grade 6 Families: Some students wanted to do their projects this spring in spite of missing class time. They're working before and after school and on their own. They'll do their presentations on May 23 beginning at 5 p.m.( before the 3/4 music concert)

Project 38 presents a hit!

Fourteen sixth graders selected for their ability in English/Language Arts participated in the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company's "Project 38". They presented scenes from Henry VIII at the Woodward Theater on Thursday, April 14. Students worked with Cincinnati Shakespeare Company actors Tess Talbot and Douglas Fries to create an original adaptation of scenes from the play. They created the sets and props, designed the choreography, wrote additional dialogue, and found music to make a multimedia event.

Participants were:

Claudia Howard, Gwen Schumann, Jonathan Young, Jullian Thurmond, Adrian Smith, Lucy Stratton, Mariah Williams, Riley Warburton, Stanley Moll, Mackenzie Johnston, Olivia Timmers, Mica White, Jolie Watts, Zoe Bennett.

A special thanks to Kimberly Frondorf for magically transforming thrift store finds into period costumes. Other adults who helped were: Cathy Johnston, Heather Watts, Bailey Allgeyer, Kathy Groene, Connie Campbell, Tiffany and Rob Bennett, Jane Hader. Thanks to Mr. Watts for photographing the cast and performance.

The Covedale troupe will present their show to the Covedale community on Tuesday May 10 at the Spaghetti Dinner.

We've applied to be part of Project38 in 2016-17 to carry on the tradition.

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Design LAB students are exhibiting at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County until May 7

Third grade Math Lab students worked hard to finish model "Learning Spaces" for an April 30 deadline. Teamed with UC Design Professor Matt Wizinsky, they've been learning about scale, architectural drawings and design, structures, materials, sustainability, and construction.

Models from the participating schools will be on display at the Main Library downtown between April 30 and May 7, culminating in the ceremony at noon. Students will be on hand to explain their concepts between 10 and 11 a.m. on May 7. The exhibit is open during library hours.

Models will be on display at Covedale at the May 10 Spaghetti dinner.

Math Lab is a grade 3 group of advanced math students, including Ny'Asia Ford, Ethan Donovan, Jarrell Moses, Alexis Honaker, Casey Hulme, Erik Dieckmann, Jeremiah Thornton, Micah McNutt, Claire Pfeiffer, and Parker Egloff.

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Design professor Matt Wizinsky with students in Math Lab 3

Covedale will host the Invertebrate Games Summer Academy

Wednesday, June 1st, 8:30am

5130 Sidney Road

Cincinnati, OH

Offered through the University of Cincinnati, this new program is open to incoming 4th and 5th graders. Please contact Ms. Conrad for more information at ConradT@cpsboe.k12.oh.us


Monday, May 23rd, 5:30pm

5130 Sidney Road

Cincinnati, OH

5th grade Latin students will present "Medusa" in the Covedale cafeteria on Monday, May 23 at 5:30 p.m.

Grade 6 Projects on Display

Monday, May 23rd, 5pm

5130 Sidney Road

Cincinnati, OH

Projects and presentations will start at 5. Students volunteered to do projects on their own time!