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3rd Quarter

Welcome to the 2nd Half of 4th Grade!!

Wow! It is hard to believe that this year is already halfway over! I am amazed at how much the students have learned and how much learning is yet to take place.

This quarter, in Math will be all about Fractions and also an introduction to Decimals. In Reading, we will be focusing on some of the following skills: Meanings of words and Allusions in Mythology, Comparing and Contrasting themes and also Firsthand and Secondhand accounts of the same event, text structure, and understanding multiple types of text. I am also excited that we will be switching over to Science for the second half of the year. Some of the Units that we will study are Nutrition, Types of Energy, Fossils, Moon Phases, and Ecosystems. Finally, in writing we will be working on Informational Writing and Researching topics such as the NC Lighthouses that we will be visiting on our trip to the Outer Banks.

We are going to be busy!! :-)

Classroom Needs

There are a few items that need to be replenished in our classroom. If you are able to send in any of the following items, it is much appreciated.


-scissors (several students do not have their own pair)

-Clorox wipes

-dry erase markers (many have gotten dried out. Students use these A LOT.)

-If you have extra games that you would be willing to donate for indoor recess time, we would LOVE to have them!

Homework and Behavior Card Update

Homework: Students are given a weekly homework packet. This is given on Monday and should be turned in each Friday. This packet includes their Wordly Wise packet and some Math review. While students should be able to complete it independently, PLEASE check over your child's work and help them as needed. They will have a test on the Wordly Wise words weekly!

Nightly Reading: Please encourage your child to read EACH night! Have them to complete the reading log portion of the behavior card for a weekly reward!

Behavior Card: Please check your child's behavior card nightly. We have set some new goals for this quarter. Students will be expected to have at least 10 points each week and all work completed to be able to participate in our Fun Friday/Extra Recess time. Students who have more than the minimum number of points will receive tickets for their additional points. PLEASE sign the behavior card in TWO places: Below their points for the day and initial the reading log section. Thanks for your help!!

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Feb. 1- Report Cards Released: See note below

Also, due to weather delays report cards will go out on Monday Feb. 1st. As with first quarter, teachers will recognize students in class for quarterly awards. Our Semester Awards Ceremony has been moved to Wednesday Feb. 3rd. This ceremony is for students who have met the criteria both first and second quarter. Students will receive an invitation with their report cards. The times for this ceremony are as follows 4th grade at 9am, 6th at 10:15, and 5th at 12:15.

February 3- Early Release

**Lots of Work will be coming home with your child this FRIDAY and I will make an effort to send work home weekly going forward. Please be on the lookout for it in a large manilla folder!