Digital Citizenship



  • Don’t do Two things at once
  • Don’t text and drive
  • Don’t Text while your at dinner
  • Don’t text while your with you're friend
  • Don’t text and walk

Real Life Application

I will not do 2 things at once. I will not text and drive cause if i hit a car and a family dies i will have to live with myself knowing that i killed them.

Share jumpers

  • Don’t send things inappropriate to people
  • If you delete something online its not gone
  • Don’t talk to people you don’t know online
  • Don’t give personal info
  • People can screenshot you're emails and things

real life application

I will not send inappropriate things to people.They can screen shot it and show it to your parents. and I wont give out my personal information.


  • There's a difference between bullying and fighting
  • A bystander is a person that watches something happen
  • An up stander is someone that gets involved and puts a stop to it
  • Don’t take a picture or video of someone if they don’t like it
  • Don’t post mean comments

real life application

If i see bullying in real life or cyber bulling i will try to show somebody and they will put an end to it.I wont post mean commets online to.

Search shark

  • Use key words to search for things
  • Tildes make things easier to search
  • The more words you use the better chance of finding it
  • Use descriptive language to search

real life application

I will use tilde to search for things.I will also use descriptive language.The more words you use the better chance of finding it I will have.

Mix a match

  • Don’t copy peoples info and say its yours
  • Change the info into you're own words
  • plagiarism is where you take someone else's words and say there yours
  • Teachers can tell if you copy someone else's work

  • A lot of kids copy and paste and don’t change the words

real life application

I will not take other peoples work and say its mine.It is called pleasure ism to take it and say its yours.