Behavior Adaptations

Ensuring Survival In The Biosphere


How Suckling Ensure Survival

Suckling is a behavioral adaptations that involves the consumption of maternal lactation, all mammals are born knowing how to do this. A female mammal lactates in order to provide its newborn child with food. The milk a mother produces is highly essential to the newborn baby as it is composed of a mix of vitamins, proteins, and fats. Breast milk also contains antibodies that maintain the infant in good health. Many mammal infants will not be able to survive without this adaptation since it plays a vital role in the animals life.


Migration is the seasonal movement of animals from one location to another. During the winter food and resources become scarce, realizing this animals move to a different location. Migration ensure an animals survival by guiding them towards food sources over long distances. The most famous migrating animal is the monarch butterfly, this organism is known for traveling from the great plains of the US to the center of Mexico.

By : Jonathan Aguilar